I love ’em all…

My pals on the left (they are dwindling and shall, no doubt, shrink anew) are always ripping into the flesh of one after another antediluvian Republicans and I am often in agreement that the spectacle is untidy. I might have to put my rear out a bit in 2016 (hey, I worked for Romney in 2012, but, er, nobody seemed to notice, including Romney). I love ‘em all. I do. Trump is easy to defend, horrible to support. He is the only guy who said: “no borders, no country…” Ben Carson is Gandhi, St. Peter, Zeus, Clarence Thomas… and just a wee bit too much Alan Keyes for a divided nation. Bush is a gentleman and was a solid governor. The Bush family is a Republican dynasty because they were leaders who met their times. If Jeb! does not get asked this time, he will serve as Sec. of Defense, or some other proper role. Carly Fiorina thinks on her feet and dazzles with her combative insight. The governors. The Senators. The Cubans. The libertarian. These are substantial people with keen insights and conservative solutions. I LOVE OUR BENCH. Even Kasich, our John Edwards, without the mistress… Anyone of them could lead.

(Featured Image Source: Red Alert Politics)

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