First Firth Post

This was a unique and special Christmas in our family and I got a spectacular gift from my daughter… the return of, a website that I put together too long ago to remember in order that I might tilt towards windmills and talk back to the television.  I have become, like my old man, a guy who returns fire at the talking heads.  Pere had it easy, only getting infuriated by Walter Cronkite and a few lesser lights that followed him.  But, I find myself reacting violently to scores of commentators, political actors, limelight lickers and writers/writers/writers who bake my blood to a slow boil.  See, I knew I couldn’t handle this.  My old man, whose letters (if I can figure out scanning) you will be herein to with introduced to, forewith… only had to bitch about Cronkite.   I will be complaining about much more.

By way of introduction, I am a writer “hobbyist.”  That’s what I call painters who don’t sell their paintings and actors who are willing to work for free.  I once gave a talk to the local Rotary club entitled “My Failed Writing Career” which allowed me speak about all my near misses in the world of screenwriting and even a few of my successes in the world of playwriting.  After all, I am a produced playwright.  Soon, after I figure out a few digital tricks, big chunks of the crap I have written, screenplays, plays, bad early journals and lots of letters will make their way to the Writing section of this site.  And since I am a writing “hobbyist” I will expect any of you taking the boring trek over there to sample the wares, will leave nothing but positive comments, since that 8th grade poem to my crush means a lot to me.  Now, if I start charging you half a cent per visit… well, then I don’t really care what you leave behind.

I am the father of two grown-ass children.  They are amazing.  Just ask them.  I am married.  She is amazing.  I work, selling radio.  I kind of suck at it.  Unlike my writing career, kind of sucking in this field can still get you paid.  Not much, sadly.  I am old enough to be retired from blogging.  Instead, I am starting.  My politics is American liberty.  My religion is Christian Beats All Others, which I am not certain is a denomination.  My gender is pre-determined.  My race is French/Irish.  My bias is kindness.  I am confident that a whole slew of people will be really sad at my funeral, I am that little of a jerk.  My own failures have motivated my children to great heights.

Another name you may come across on this site is Firth Caldwell.  I identify with Firth 100%, although, at times, he can fly off the handle speaking about Muslims and Republicans.  Don’t be alarmed.  He is, like me, in every way, a thoughtful observer of our cultural maelstrom.  Unlike me, Firth shamelessly plugs his one book:   “Bet: The Mind of Poker” which can be purchased online, or you can order the Word Document “no cover” version of the book for $1.25 from BRL.  Crazy Uncle Firth shows up from time to time on this site, but he is always with us in spirit.

My first post is a portion of the interview with President Obama and Steve Inskeep from NPR.  I am learning how to cut and paste just the portion of the video that I want.  I don’t have a comment on this one, just trying to get the mechanics down.  To my kids, thank you for the chance to move some intellectual product.  Writing, like poker, is a real sport.  Fingers don’t fail me.

— Chip Fortier



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